Managed Bug Bounty and Vulnerability Coordination Platform for Enterprises
Experience SafeHats and discover critical vulnerabilities in your application before it gets identified by malicious Hackers. Access to highly skilled curated set of security researchers.
Why Safehats? We're glad you asked
Curated Security Reseachers

Security researchers from diverse profile backgrounds, age, profession creating wide range of security vulnerability profiles

Highly Skilled

Right mix of expertise, experience across various domains.

Incentivized for Quality

Testing for more sophisticated security vulnerability scenarios. Researchers are incentivized to report bugs based on quality rather than quantity of bug.

Best Practices

Culture of openness and adoption towards Infosec practices

Bounty payout

Researchers are paid on Pay per Bug (PPB) Model. Pricing based on result rather than effort employed.

Competitive Environment

Researchers who reports the bug first gets the reward.

Get Started in Minutes

Specify the scope, program policy, reward programs and launch private/public program. Invited security researchers based on their rank and start getting bug reports.

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Incentivize Bugs

Bounty amount for each bug is based on its criticality and impact. Critical bugs are priced higher so that researchers focus on high impact bugs.

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SafeHats Managed Program
Our managed program designed for enterprises providing hassle free, professionally managed and time bound programs. Invite best security researchers to identify security loopholes in your apps.
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